The Journey to SAZ Certification…

City Parking has begun a relentless journey to attain the iconic SAZ emblem, as part of our multifaceted corporate branding strategy. Befitting a growing brand, and indeed of a market-leading parking management solutions company, achieving the Standard Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) (ISO9000) certification will give the company an impetus and competitive edge.

Apart from the corporate branding objectives, the quality management certification is expected to give our customers and business partners confidence in our services as they can rest assured of convenience, consistency, and reliability.

It is a long walk, and certainly not a walk in the park! The whole team is briefed and well ready to walk the journey that has already started with awareness training which was attended by every employee in the company.

A steering team has been assembled for the smooth running of the SAZ Certification objective. The committee has since begun to working on aligning the quality processes of the organization to the specifications of the ISO 9000 Standard..

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