Introducing WhatsApp Parking


In this era of technology, companies have two fundamental options, to innovate or die! Driven by innovation as one of its corporate values, City Parking is using technology to bring convenience to the motoring public by introducing our WhatsApp Robot, Marshy the Sweet Marshal!

A virtual WhatsApp parking marshal who is more than just a marshal, our WhatsApp robot is informative, efficient and gives you more power and control your parking activities. Here is how it works, save this contact in your smartphone 0719515601. Go to the same contact on your WhatsApp and say Hi, and you will get prompt feedback.


This innovation emanates from the realisation that many motorists use WhatsApp and therefore would find it convenient to use the same platform to pay for parking. Self-service platforms are particularly convenient, and we hope our customers will like the platform. Enjoy Marshy the Sweet Marshal and let us know what you think!

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